Pornstar Alexa Wouters

Something amazing will be constructed here...

For years I thought about careers and which one would fit me.
I finished high school. Immediately thereafter, I also started at the university of applied sciences.
The study I chose soon turned out to be no match for me. Some jobs later I still hadn't found the right one.
However, it became obvious I was getting more and more interested in the erotic sector.

The first step I took was finding a job in a sexshop.
After years of learning and gaining experience, not only in sales but also in the operation and different functions of various erotic products, it was time to go to the next step. Finally, I knew which study method suited me best.
I started studying relationship and sex therapy. I combined this with a job in the nightlife, in particular as a topless waitress and entertaining in a dance café.Now, about a year later, the home-made films have also made an appearance.

The decision I made a few weeks ago has been a big step for me.
Many thoughts, questions, fears, dreams and even doubts have passed my mind.
But in the end it was more important for me to dare and take the plunge, than to be cautious and years from now ask myself "what if ...".
I'm aware you don't know me yet, but I only ask one thing.
A chance to show you who I am and what I can do for you.

So eventually... I became a Pornstar.

XXX Alexa.